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Glad you found me in this ever growing digital world of cyberspace. This site here is mainly a place for me to muck around with graphics and HTML. While doing this, I hope to help others a little by providing a small collection of tutorials and free graphics. Feel free to look around.


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Photoshop Tutorials
Find here the beginnings of a collection of tutorials for Adobe photoshop - An excellent graphics program with a multitude of options and functions.

Sams Teach Yourself Photoshop 5.5 in 24 hours

If you just started out in Photoshop, I recommend this book. Quite informative, has a good shortcut key reference, but lacks discussion about channels.

Paintshop Tutorials
Tutorials on various techniques with PaintShop Pro. This great little program was what I first started learning graphics on and is quite a good package with a good starting price.

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Of course you are! Check out these great sites.

Wagoner PSP tutorials

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